Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” And Michael Jordan Bulls special jersey Release

Although there are many hot sale shoes this month, I will definitely buy this black and red color “MJ Bull Set” There will be a lot of sneakers on sale this month, not only the black raccoon Air Jordan 11, but also the new OFF-WHITE Shoes has five pairs!

But the best of them is the Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”. With the return of these classic boots, Nike also Release the Michael Jordan’s special bull jersey, which is also a very high-profile item this month! Today, First Let us introduce you to the exquisite details of these two heavyweight items, and finally the first time picture of wearring the upper body.

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” Sneaker

About the Last cast Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”: On June 14, 1998, in the NBA Finals, the Chicago Bulls played against Utah Jazz in Game 6. After nearly 48 minutes of fierce battle between the two sides, the Bulls trailed by 85-86 points. After Michael Jordan dropped the ball to Byron Russell, he completed the CIC in 6.9 seconds before the final game.Jordan led the Bulls to complete the second three consecutive championships and harvested their sixth championship ring!

Then, this pair of black and red color Air Jordan 14 has a new name: the last shot. It has also become the most classic and popular pair of 14 generations of boots.

This year’s Air Jordan 14 is the twentieth anniversary of its birth, and this is the fourth return of the last vote. It was re-enacted in 1999, 2005 and 2011, and returned after 7 years, so many old players can’t wait.

Air Jordan 14 2018 release new picture

The Air Jordan 14 is inspired by the Ferrari 550 Maranello (one of Jordan’s favorite sports cars), and the design can see the shadow of this sports car.

More details of this shoes picture under the following


Finally let us show the Real shot of  Michael Jordan Bulls special jersey

About the release information

Both versions of the special jersey will be officially released in China on June 9th, with the Swingman fan version available for ¥699 RMB and the Authentic player version for ¥2599.

The last shot of the Air Jordan 14 will be officially launched in China on June 14th for an offer price of ¥1399.

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Sorti cette semaine! Air Max 1/97 Premier pictogramme réel

Sorti cette semaine! Air Max 1/97 Premier pictogramme réel
Air Max 1/97 sera en vente cette semaine, c’est sans aucun doute un afflux d’articles ultra-populaires sur lesquels se concentre l’afflux de personnes! Apportez des chaussures de sport photographe gc911 fraîchement fait tir réel Mi Tu, ensemble sentir la performance exceptionnelle colorée et exquise!

La tige de l’Air Max 97 a été greffée sur la semelle Air Max 1, et la tige a été réalisée en matériau de velours côtelé multicolore. Des lignes lisses, des couleurs riches de la semelle à la semelle, et des détails de la signalisation des vagues sont tous visibles dans cet ensemble de photos réelles, démontrant un sens de la qualité.

Sera disponible sur le site officiel national de Nike à 09h00 le 24 Mars.A présent, le site officiel a été connecté (cliquez sur air max 1 87 pas cher). Comme les amis doivent saisir cette occasion rare!

Nike Air Max 1/97
Numéro de marchandise: AJ4219-400
Date de sortie: le 24 mars
Prix de l’offre: ¥ 1299
Voici l’image à propos de

Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death”

Créé spécifiquement pour Guanxi! Cette paire de Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death” est unique
La fameuse Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death” de 2006, vraisemblablement, beaucoup de vieux joueurs sont enthousiastes, et l’édition limitée d’Edison Chen est probablement inconnue Récemment, BespokeIND, la meilleure équipe de chaussures au monde, a utilisé cette paire de chaussures. .

Les chaussures ont retrouvé leur couleur et sont fabriquées en daim, kangourou et cuir de veau.La signature “EDC” sur le dessus et le logo CLOT sur le talon montrent l’identité de la paire de chaussures. Le logo “of 1” symbolise l’unicité et le luxe de ce produit rare!
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Voici l’image à propos de

Nike Air Max 1 Kiss of Death

Kyrie 4 CNY New Color New Year of 2018 Release

Jay Chou’s first kiss on the foot, bringing this Kyrie 4 CNY festive presentation. As part of this year’s Chinese Lunar New Year Plan, this new Kyrie 4 is perfect in tone and detail!

Kyrie 4 CNY

The body with festive red as the keynote, in the suede material upper, exquisite and gorgeous flower embroidery with swoosh hook Fusion, cleverly presented a Chinese wind visual feast.
Light-colored outsole, to create a richer visual experience, but also in contrast to highlight the lively festive atmosphere.
China’s Nike website will be officially sold on January 18 9:00, the price is ¥899 RMB.

At present, this color of concern is very high, on Taobao pre-sale price higher than the official offer price, visible its popularity.
Item No.: 943807-600
Release date; January 18
Sell Price: ¥899

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” New Release |

Air Jordan 13 Madness continues! 2018 the most popular classic return, when the Air Jordan 13 “he Got Game” again engraved.

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game”

By the Chinese players have become a kind of “panda” color, the simple collocation of black and white, the perfect highlight of the Air Jordan 13 classic temperament.


The color name comes from the movie “he Got Game”, which Denzel Washington has worn in the play.
Michael Jordan Chowa master himself in the field and outside also very favored this classic, simple tone for the Air Jordan 13 classic Interpretation, has a very unique visual feeling.
Handsome and generous, but also you are AJ Girl wearing the artifact!
At present, although there is no 2018 of the physical picture exposure, but the release date has been confirmed, will be officially sold on August 25, the sale price remains $190 dollars.
At present also not clear volume situation, we will further concern, this Air Jordan 13 “he Got Game” must set off a panda storm in August, prepare well ahead of time!

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” Image

Item No.: 414571-104
Release Date: August 25
Sell Price: $190

OVO x Air Jordan 10 Dragon Bead Custom Color

In recent years, a lot of basketball players will wear custom sneakers in the game, recently NBA legend Center saquinavir er · O ‘ Neill’s son Sharif · O ‘ Neill is in the High school league with the foot of the Dragon Bead theme OVO x Air Jordan 10 custom color.

OVO x Air Jordan 10

Shoes with black OVO x Air Jordan 10 for the prototype, there are shoes customization Division Kickstradomis design, the Japanese classic anime “Dragon Bead” in the representative of the Sun Wukong, Vegeta and Sun Wu rice into the body, and then add blue, purple, orange three-color transition and cool lightning patterns, With the Sun Wukong pattern of the ball socks, became the day of the whole game one of the bright spots.

Nike Air Max 98 “Gundam”

With the advent of the 2018, Air Max 98 also ushered in the birth of the 20 anniversary, Nike to take the lead in the most classic “Gundam” OG Color Matching engraved, recently on the network and exposed the Nike Air Max 98 “Gundam” kind.

Nike Air Max 98 “Gundam”

Shoes to red, white, blue, black four-color for the keynote, because with the Japanese classic anime “Gundam” in the same colors as the robot’s name “Up” color, whether it is the Air Max 98 modelling and color matching has a very strong retro style.
There are news that will be officially sold with January 18 in the Nike designated shops, the sale price of $160 U.S. dollars, the domestic has not released specific information, interested friends can see more attention to our follow-up report!

Air Jordan 12 “Bulls” And Air Jordan 12 “University Blue” Release

In the Air Jordan series, air Jordan 12 has always been a lot of loyal fans, Jordan Brand will also be introduced in each year for its new color, a recent online exposure to air Jordan “bulls” and air Jordan “University” Blue “two new product.


One of the Air Jordan “bulls” to large red-oriented, visual feeling is very eye-catching bright eyes, lining, shoe buckle and outsole and other details to add black embellishment, the classic red and black color is also one of the Bulls ‘ representative colors.
Air Jordan 12 “Bulls”
Item No.: 130690-601
Release Date: October 2018
Sale Price: $190 USD


Air Jordan “University Blue” to the iconic North Caran for the keynote, with gray-blue outsole and black liner, the overall feeling is extremely refreshing, and the Golden Shoe buckle becomes the whole pair of shoes the finishing touch of the pen!


Air Jordan 12 “University Blue”
Item No.: 130690-601
Release Date: October 2018
Sale Price: $190 USD


Two colors will be officially sold this October, the price is $190 dollars, interested friends can pay more attention to our follow-up report!

Air Jordan 1 “6Rings” New Releases 2018

Come to 2018,air Jordan 1 will usher in more new color debut!

Air Jordan 1 “6Rings”

In front of this just exposed Air Jordan 1 “6Rings” to the flying trapeze in Chicago brilliant six crown for inspiration, will Jordan’s favorite playing cards ornament insoles, shoes black, white, red three-color to create a complementary matte leather, the overall atmosphere and the classic “black Toe” is the same, on the foot effect must be equally good!

Nike Air Force 1 Chamber Of Fear New Releases

The Air Force 1 “Fear of the Quarter” series, which was inspired by Emperor LeBron James ‘ 2005 advertising film, has long been the dream of many shoes fans, after many years, this time through the explosion of the information account @py_rates will be back to the return of the news, it is really surprising!

Nike Air Force 1 “Fear of the Family” series contains 6 pairs of shoes, to Air Force 1 low shoe sex as a design blueprint, using a variety of different shades of dress present, and in the heel of the embroidery are “temptation”, “enemy”, “smug”, “exaggerated false”, “self-doubt” and ” Fear of the “little” and other Chinese characters, highlighting the theme of overcoming the difficulties of the spirit, and decorated with the personal Logo of James Identity, very memorable significance!

Nike Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear “temptation”
Item No.: AV2051-100
Nike Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear “hater”
Item No.: av2052-600
Nike Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear “complacency”
Item No.: AV2053-001
Nike Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear “Hype”
Item No.: AV2054-001
Nike Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear “self-doubt”
Item No.: AV2055-001
Nike Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear “fearless Warrior”
Item No.: AV2056-001