Air Jordan 1 FRAG“LUX”

Great God! Air Jordan 1 Frag “LUX” debut ~

Air Jordan 1 FRAG“LUX”

The Shoe surgeon, a shoe-making master from Los Angeles, still hasn’t stopped his sneakers, this time with air Jordan 1 as a design blueprint and air Jordan 1 “The Ten” and air Jordan 1 “Fragment” Two pairs of popular shoes combined to create this pair of very powerful air Jordan 1 Frag “LUX.” The new book not only has the details of the two pairs of shoes, but also put on an absolute enough luxury leather coat. It is reported that Air Jordan 1 Frag “LUX” is now on sale, limited to 5 pairs, priced 3500 U.S. dollars.

Another pair of New Black toes Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High “gold”

Born in 1985, “sneakers originator” air Jordan 1 is currently the most popular sneakers, in China is already beyond the air Jordan 11 for the popular no.1!


Recent new color is also a turn exposure, leisurely boutique, people dazzling.


Today exposed a new black and white gold color matching Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High “gold”, with the previous black Gold 3 exceptionally similar, not only has the luxurious temperament of black gold, and black toe dress!

Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High "gold"

And the black part has the holographic luster, for this pair of Air Jordan 1 “Gold” adds the killer level the bright spot!


Gorgeous black gold + holographic luster, but also the two highlights of the blessing, this pair of “black toes” natural is the popularity of the list of guest!


There is no news yet on sale and we will continue to pay attention.

Four Color matching exposure! Which pair of Gatorade x Air Jordan 1 Would you choose?

Jordan Brand to Michael Jordan in 1991 shot of the Gatorade ads for inspiration, first brought the Air Jordan 6 in the market to bring a small response!


Subsequently, and will be super popular Air Jordan 1 for the blueprint, in response to the taste of Gatorade beverages, bring four different gorgeous color!
Four color matching with orange, blue, purple, yellow for the rendering, followed by dotted eye-catching orange lightning signs present, the inside of the tongue of the shoe is like MIKE to echo the theme.
Air Jordan 1 Gatorade blue and purple will be on sale on December 26, Orange and yellow will be on the shelves on December 27, the sale price is ¥1299 rmb!
Air Jordan 1 Gatorade White Blue Yellow