Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” New Release |

Air Jordan 13 Madness continues! 2018 the most popular classic return, when the Air Jordan 13 “he Got Game” again engraved.

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game”

By the Chinese players have become a kind of “panda” color, the simple collocation of black and white, the perfect highlight of the Air Jordan 13 classic temperament.


The color name comes from the movie “he Got Game”, which Denzel Washington has worn in the play.
Michael Jordan Chowa master himself in the field and outside also very favored this classic, simple tone for the Air Jordan 13 classic Interpretation, has a very unique visual feeling.
Handsome and generous, but also you are AJ Girl wearing the artifact!
At present, although there is no 2018 of the physical picture exposure, but the release date has been confirmed, will be officially sold on August 25, the sale price remains $190 dollars.
At present also not clear volume situation, we will further concern, this Air Jordan 13 “he Got Game” must set off a panda storm in August, prepare well ahead of time!

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” Image

Item No.: 414571-104
Release Date: August 25
Sell Price: $190

Air Jordan 13 “Altitude” Release

After 12 Years later ! Pearl Fish Skin Air Jordan 13 “altitude”  will Release after two weeks !
This year a variety of Air Jordan 13 have been released with many nice style! This black-and-green color of Air Jordan 13″altitude” is also the favorite color by fans .


The sneaker is  first sale in 2005, after 12 years , it will be released on December 21 again.

Air Jordan 13 “Altitude” with cool All Black shoes, green outsole lining, the bottom and the upper is used the pearl skin texture rendering, extraordinary texture performance in the low-key burst, really is loved by many fans!


In addition to the adult size, the GS and smaller children, baby size will be solde too.


Air Jordan 13 “Altitude”
Item No.: 414571-042/414574-042 (GS)
Release date: December 21

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