Air Jordan 4 “Lightning” New Release |SneakersReport

To salute the Jordan motorcycle team, 2006 Jordan Brand to bring lui gung, electric mother Air Jordan 4 note, eye-catching yellow dress, the number of rare sales, is undoubtedly the heart of many AJ4 players Dream Shoes.
Air Jordan 4 “Lightning”
2012 Black and Yellow thunder God, regardless of the work or reduction of a wide acclaim, and rumors of the return of the next year’s lemon yellow electric mother but unfortunately stranded, so far no chance to be engraved, leading to the price has already exceeded million, and broken code is serious, can not be asked.
It is gratifying that the recent overseas media, this pair of super popular electric Masterbatch color Air Jordan 4 “Lightning” will return at the end of 2018, is undoubtedly a pair of products must be chopped hands!


There is still official confirmation, if the news is true, you would like to start?